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Concrete Repair Brooklyn is here to take care of your concrete structures in Manhattan. Whether your driveways are experiencing minor cracks or your sidewalks are extensively damaged and violating the rules and regulations of the city, we are your pro experts for premium repair and replacement services.

Repairs Vs. Replacement

We provide repairs when your concrete structures are experiencing:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Chips and Small Cracks
  • Damages smaller than two inches

Concrete replacements become essential when:

  • Concrete slabs have big potholes and deep cracks
  • Slabs are completely Broken

concrete project completed by Concrete Repair Brooklyn in Manhattan

Our Repair Steps

Our repair process is easy, quick, and creates no disturbance to pedestrians at all. We plan the repair steps and provide premium services in no time.

Cut the Damaged Areas

We place the chisel in the cracks and angel it in the outward direction. Using a sledgehammer, we tap in the concrete to make the cracks wider at the bottom of the surface.

Clean the Debris

We remove the loose concrete and brush it out using a stiff fiber brush or a wire. After cleaning, we moisten the area with sponges and make the old concrete damp.

Fill in the Patching Material

After mixing the patching mix, we put it inside the crack with a trowel.

Apply the Bonding Agent

By using a paint brush, we apply the bonding agent to the crack and wait until it is tacky. By using a trowel, we pack anchoring cement into the crack. After completing the work, we cover it with plastic to help retain moisture.

Our Replacement Steps

For the replacement of the concrete surface, we first inspect the damaged area. After that, we carefully plan the repairs and define the project timeline. We only use high-quality equipment to provide remarkable replacement services.

  • Set Up the Safety Barrier: To ensure the safety of the neighborhood, we set up a safety barrier using traffic cones and yellow caution tape around the concrete.
  • Remove Damaged Concrete: By using a jackhammer, we break apart the damaged slabs into small pieces.
  • Prepare the Surface: After removing the damaged concrete, clean the surface and prepare it to install the new concrete slabs.
  • Mix and Shovel the Concrete: After mixing the concrete, we shovel the mixed concrete into the formed section and fill it to the top.
  • Smooth Surface: After pouring the concrete, we make the surface smooth by darging the concrete across.
  • Finishing: We let the poured concrete dry for 24 hours and after completion, we made the area open for pedestrians to walk in.

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