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How to Properly Slope Concrete for Drainage in NYC

You might have observed that the sidewalks around you are not exactly flat. They are slightly sloped. The slope provides an easy path for the water to drain, which might otherwise cause water pooling.

Without proper drainage, the soil beneath the sidewalks can erode, leading to sunken sidewalks. To avoid the drainage issue, comply with DOT guidelines, and ensure ADA compliance, install sloped sidewalks for your residential and commercial properties.

This is when you need the help of expert contractors. Contractors are committed to making the perfect slope concrete for drainage in NYC using the best techniques and tools. 

Why is it Important to Slope the Sidewalks?

A slope of about 2° is suitable when constructing the sidewalks. It is useful to maintain the slope for a number of reasons. Firstly, the slope allows the water to drain to the gutters easily. Secondly, it helps people in wheelchairs move without much effort. And lastly, it prevents the snow or ice from piling up and water pooling on the walkways. 

Steps Followed by Professionals to Slope Concrete Sidewalks for Drainage 

The professionals follow a series of steps to construct a reliable NYC sidewalk drainage slope. These steps are mentioned below:

Get the Necessary Tools and Materials

Professionals are equipped with the basic tools and materials that are required to slope the sidewalks. They have level, shovel, scraper, rake, trowel, edger trowel, finishing trowel, tape measure, drill, sledgehammer, wheelbarrow, chop saw, etc. 

Prepare the Site 

The concrete is not poured directly over the broken or damaged sidewalk. Before starting construction of the sidewalk, the site is prepared to ensure that the new sidewalk will last a long time. To prepare the site, the area is excavated and leveled. Proper drainage channels are sometimes installed if required. 

Pour the Concrete Mixture

In this step, the site is ready for construction. Now the workers pour the ready-mix concrete of PSI-4500 over the prepared subgrade. Ready-mix concrete has the ideal quality and consistency to be used for the sidewalk and it is also user-friendly. 

Create a Proper Slope 

The most challenging task is to create a suitable slope at the right angle. A mistake in creating the right slope angle can lead to an improper sidewalk. As per NYC DOT, the longitudinal slope must be parallel to the curb. 

The minimum slope for concrete slab drainage is usually 1/8th inch per foot for the transverse slopes. Professional contractors are equipped with screed boards and levels to make a perfect slope. 

Give the Final Touch

Finally, the sidewalks are smoothed, any cracks and holes are filled and the concrete mixture is compacted. This process of troweling is important to enhance the beauty and long life of the sidewalks. 

Why You Must Hire a Professional Concrete Contractor To Slope the Concrete 

If the drainage of damaged or broken sidewalks is troubling you, it must not be neglected at all. It is a smart idea to hire a professional concrete contractor who is skilled in making the perfect slope for concrete drainage. Let's learn the advantages of hiring a professional contractor:

Skilled to Make Slope for Drainage

The experts have the proper knowledge and expertise to make a properly aligned slope for the sidewalks. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Use High-Quality Products 

The professionals use premium-quality ready-mix concrete in their projects. It saves time and has long-lasting durability.

Equipped with Tools

The professionals acquire all the necessary tools and machines that are needed for making the right slope of the sidewalks. 

Follow DOT Regulations 

Skilled contractors understand the value of the NYC DOT drainage and construction rules. They abide by their rules and regulations. 

Quick Services 

It is the high-end priority of skilled professionals to complete their task of making drainage slopes in the shortest period of time. 


It is important to maintain a proper slope for drainage to prevent any major damage to the sidewalk. For example, seepage of water in the sidewalks can cost you many dollars to repair and replace. Maintenance of the slope will save you and other people from any harm or injury. You also need to comply with the rules and regulations of the NYC DOT.

The people who have to build and repair their sidewalks tend to prefer experienced sidewalk contractors. If you are looking for an expert contractor to take away the responsibility of properly slope concrete for drainage in NYC, Concrete Repair Brooklyn is the most reliable choice.

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